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Review: Middle Eastern restaurant Tabülé’s chic new Riverdale outpost

The second location of the midtown restaurant Tabülé occupies a former east end doctor’s office, beautifully made over with vintage stained glass light fixtures, a wood inlay counter and marble-accented washrooms. The kitchen is out to impress, with a focus on efficiency, precision and presentation. Dainty cauliflower florets are flash-fried and drizzled with tahini, producing a vegetarian appetizer that’s as fun to eat as popcorn shrimp.

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Restaurant Review: Tabule

Upon stepping into the restaurant, I was immediately impressed.  The decor and lighting mixed modern with rustic to create a cozy ambience.  Traditional Middle Eastern music is playing softly in the background to further add to the atmosphere.  I am greeted by owner, Diana Sideris, who is extremely warm and welcoming.  She guides me to a table in the back and leaves me to peruse the menu. Having just travelled to the Middle East, I had my fair share of hummus with vegetables, but I really missed enjoying the warm pita bread served with every meal.  I had heard so many great things about the gluten-free, vegan laffa flat bread that I had to try for myself.

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Tabule (Riverside)

Tabule has finally opened the doors to the long awaited, second location on Queen East. The Middle Eastern eatery is a welcome addition to the sea of shopworn falafel takeaway counters that populate the downtown (I happen to think the suburbs generally outshines the city when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine).

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